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INFOT INC ( never sent any SPAM or unsolicited messages. INFOT INC ( never asked, allowed or authorized any one to send SPAM or unsolicited messages. 

Recently, we received some complains that some ones (, are sending unsolicited emails referring our domain ( or some of our products such as Directory of Chinese Suppliers.  

We strongly denounce those actions

Some of those messages are trying to send some pirates of our copyrighted products by linking to our product pages. We don't have any reseller in Pakistan or any other areas except those resellers listed in our website. We monitor our resellers (agents) frequently and forbid them prompting our products in any email based campaign.  If you believe that any of our resellers is using such tools to prompt products, please let us know and we will revoke their license.

We are working with our technical partner to prevent any SPAM in our names or referring our domains. Unfortunately, those overseas SPAMers are  out of our jurisdiction and it may take long time to stop them totally. It will help us if you can provide us any evidence that the sender violated our copyrights or trademarks.  

If you receive any SPAM related to domain, www.chinese-suppliers-directory, www.chinainfo.or,,,, or any products listed on this website, please contact us at

You can also help us by reporting the SPAM to your ISP and ask them to trace their REAL origination.

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