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Data Collecting & Processing Service

We can help you extract and format data from web pages, old files, documents, protected files and any sources.


Service contents

Data extraction and formalization

To help you extract structured data from unstructured sources such as

  • web sites and pages
  • web directories, listing and etc
  • old applications
  • old format data file
  • Unstructured data files such as PDF, HTML,...

and we transform the extracted data into structured database such as

  • MS Excel
  • MS Access
  • SQL Server such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
  • CSV, Text, MS Word
  • XML

or other format your current application can read or import from.

Data processing

  • Transforming non-relational text/graphics to relational databases, tables and XMLS.
  • Formalizing text data
  • Abnormality detecting and correction of text/graphic based data
  • Computerized translation

Data recovery

We also provide data recovery services to help you recover information lost due to

  • old data (program) file no longer supported
  • lost password
  • Corrupted file structure

* We don't provide data recovery service from damaged hardware such as hard disk, CD or USB drive. Please consult other vendor for this kind of services.

Privacy guaranteed

We will protect your data and your privacy by limiting the access to customer data file and other information.

Data files provided by customer are stored and processed on our secure server, only limited core experts have access them.

All collecting jobs are processed anonymously. If anonymity is your major concern, we can further distribute the job into several (even hundreds) small projects and outsourcing them to several global parties.

Dynamic Service

For sources with dynamic contents (such as web pages, web lists), we can set up recurring service monitoring the source periodically to catch changes and updates.

Free evaluation

We will evaluate the project and give you estimated cost for free. No obligation!

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