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Here are some frequently asked questions and their short answers. If you have more questions, please use the contact form.

What's the standard format?

Standard format is a properiate format designed with limited export function.

The standard format database files can only be opened in the specified software (included for free). The software lets you browse, search and save/export the database contents.

Standard format requires activation, a process enables some key functions of the database on limited number of computers.

The software is designed for Windows OS only and it runs on Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and all Windows server OS after Win2K. It does not run on IOS, MAC or Linux OS.

For unlimited export function, or to use the data on Non-Windows computer, please choose an open format such as MS Access or CSV/Text format.

How often are the data updated?

Most lists are updated every 6-12 months.
When update are no longer available for a list, we will dis-continue it after 24-36 months, depends on the region of the data.

How accurate are the data?

We are doing our best to use most reliable sources to improve our data qualify and most our leads are of the best quality available in the market.
However, we do not check or verify data due to the cost and time required. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of any level.
Naturally, you can expect some re-bounced emails, dead phone and fax numbers, especially from fast developing countries like China.

What's the sources of the data?

We license most data from some major vendors in the field and some major online sources. Some data are machine-translated.

How can the data be used?

Data sold on this websites are for end-user only.
The end-user license allows you to use the data for your own business only, such as marketing, marketing research, competition research, supplier hunting ...
The end-user license prohibits usages such as publishing (online or printed), re-distributing, value-added services and any other usage in which any part of the data are transferred to any 3rd parties without further authorization from us.
If you intend to resell, re-distribute our data, or provide value-added services based on our data, you need purchase copies for each and every 3rd party who will receive the re-distributed data or the service (such as a report, a summary) based on that data.

Can I download the orders?

Orders are delivered by physical shipping or download, depends on the customer status and payment method used.

Qualified customers: A customer with a purchase history of 30 or more days are qualified with the same payment method (such as same credit card, same paypal account), Or when he/she can provide a well-known corporate email address, or when he/she can fax us a confirmation from a verified local line.

Qualified payments: Payments made by Bank Wire, Western Union, MoneyGram, Money order and Corporate check are qualified.

Orders by qualified customers or paid by qualified methods can downloaded with no extra charge.

Other customers can only download orders under certain amount, after their payment get verified.

Some very large database has to be delivered on DVD discs or USB drives, usually with no extra charge.

Other orders are to be delivered to the exact billing address on CD disc only, after the payment get verified.

Customers can get a backup copy on CD/DVD by paying the shipping fee.

How soon can I receive the orders?

Orders are usually shipped in 1-2 business days after the payment received and verified. Large orders with 10 or more items may need one or two extra business days to process.

We may need some extra days to verify payments made by credit card and

Physical delivery may take 1-4 business days to reach your address.

How do I pay?

We accept PayPal, major credit cards (via, checks and money orders. Overseas customers can also pay by Bank transfer (T/T) or cash transfer (MoneyGram).

Credit card and PayPal payments are subject to be reviewed by PayPal and our fraud provention department. Additional documents (such as a faxed confirmation) may be required for first-time customers.

You will receive the payment instructions (or links) when you place an order online.

How to find all the database I want?

This websites provides mainly regional databases, directories and lists based on areas and countries.

If you are looking for a specified industry, a state or city, or any list with complicated criteria, you can request a quota with summary using this form.

You can search by country, region , database type and more on this website, like "US email", "asian business", "japan importer", etc.

What's the duplicate?

There are some identical information (overlap) among some database and some databases are sub-list of by other ones. If you order multiple database, you may get some overlaps and duplicates.

You can expect small number of duplicates within same database, based on the defination of "same" business. When you buy mutilple databases, the overlap between them can be very big.

Notice: This website allows you buy different format of same database!

Paypal Direct Order

Use the "Buy Directly Via Paypal" button to skip the order form only if you use the same shipping address and billing address.

When you buy directly using
- You don't have to fill the order form (the shipping address and etc)
- Your billing address (or your PayPal account address) will be used.
- Download is the default shipping method if available.
- Cookie function not required since shopping cart function is not required.
- You can order one product directly without adding it to shopping cart.

PayPal payments are subjected to further verifying , just like Credit Card payments.

More questions? Contact webmaster using this form.

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