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INTBIT plays an important role to connect the global trading dots by providing the essential information to those look beyond the horizon for new opportunities. Since the blooming internet evolution in developing world, we have been providing the world well-organized business information for better resourcing and marketing, especially for the small and middle sized businesses and international trading communities.

Today INTBIT is dedicated to help our customers gain access, at an affordable cost, to the valuable sources and information that used to be privileges of multinationals, by offering the prefect technologies and right experiences. From online directories and portals, ready-to-go business directories/databases, customized trade leads to on-demand data collecting & processing services, we are looking beyond the space and imagination boundary...

Our customers come from more than 100 countries all over the world and range from small importer offices to fortune 500 multinationals.

What we do?

International Business leads, directories and databases

  - Ready-to-go affordable business leads, directories and databases
  - Customized trade leads by industry, geography, and etc.
  - Affordable data sources

Online directory / portal data & technologies

  - Providing technology support to online directories and portals
  - Providing data services to start up websites and portals

Data collecting

  - Organized information from website,websites and other public resources
  - Trend detection and monitoring

Data processing

  - Transforming non-relational text/graphics to relational databases, tables and XMLS.
  - Formalizing text data
  - Abnormality detecting and correction of text/graphic based data
  - Computerized translation

Our expertise

  - Fast large-size text processing of terabytes data, from millions of files.
  - Fast large-scale public resources monitoring and extraction, from millions of websites and pages.
  - Fast organization and formalization of free text information of variables formats and sources into central relational database (RDBMS).

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