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GULF Trade Directory

GULF Trade Directory
CSV/MS Excel/Text Format 4,336 Emails 90,573 phone numbers 51,740 fax numbers 90,570 contact persons 85,284 postal addresses

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CSV/Text Format: $229.00   $305.00
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Total Records: 90,575
Language: English
Region/Country: Middle East
Record Types: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers , Exporters, Wholesale, Retail and Service Companies
Availability:Usually ship in 1 - 2 business days
Columns/Fields Available:
biz. name, contact, job title, department, telephone, fax, email, web site, mobile, address, city, state/prov., country, & more ...

Key Statistics

Total records: 90,575 100.00%
with email address: 4,336 4.79%
with website address: 7,927 8.75%
with phone number: 90,573 100.00%
with fax number: 51,740 57.12%
with postal address: 85,284 94.16%
with contact name: 90,570 99.99%

1) Numbers: All numbers are estimated and please allow small errors during the counting process.
2) Columns/Fields: Information are not available for all columns of all records. Check the sample data for more details.
3) Duplicates: There will be some duplicated email addresses, phone/fax numbers, postal addresses. The numbers are of records that have the specific information, not of unique specified values. We usually remove duplicated values for email-only and other single column lists.
4) No information are tested or verified by Intbit or its partners. No guarantee on data accuracy or delivery rate

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