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Technical Support & Customer Service

Please use this form to start a support session. Once you receive an email response, you can always reply the email to continue discussion. For us to track your issues quickly, please include all the previous text when you reply our emails. For urgent matters, please try fax us at +1-240-396-5718 or call us at +1-240-310-5789. Technical support is available 7/24. Billing and order processing are available only in business hours (US East Time).

Data Updates

To check if there is any update version for the directory/databases you purchased before, please visit the Update center where you can search available updates and discounts associated with your email.

Format Upgrade

If you are not satisfied witht the data format of your recent purchase, you can upgrade to an open format or other format easier to handle.

You may get parital refund (usually 40%-60%) for the standard format you already paid if you upgrade to an open format. For open format to open format upgrade, you may just pay the price difference. $15.00 Handling fee will also be charged, plus shipping fee. No refund for switching to a cheaper format.

To upgrade from standard format to an open format, please visit the Update center. For other upgrades, please contact us.

Sortware Update

If you have problem with your standard format database files (.ntb, .tbb), please make sure you have the latest INTBIT Directory Browser which is free for existing customers. You can download it here.

MS Access Format Help

If you purchased the MS Access (Raw Data) format and want to use the category system (if available), you need check the relationships between the tables. If you just want the business records, just find the "comps" table (sometimes, named as "dbo_comps", "exp_comps") which holds all the information.

Click here for the data diagram ...

MDB Viewer

For MS Access format (raw data) users, you can also download the Intbit MDB Viewer to open, search, query the database, for free.

For technical support, questions and other issues of using this software, please click here.

Documents for the new Directory Browser

Click here for help document of the new INTBIT Directory Browser 4.0. ...

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