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Affiliate & Resell Program

You can make money by telling your visitors or friends about Infot products and services.

  • tell your friend about Infot database products 
  • tell your website visitors about Infot database products
  • tell your customers to buy database product for better marketing experience
  • list Infot's products on your store or website

Affiliate program

No registration required. Just send us a message telling us if

  • one of your friends want to buy some Infot database products (please provide the name and country/email of your friend)
  • you list our products on your website or publications. (please provide the website address URL)

We will provide you a 10% commission or 10 USD as soon as the purchase settled.

The payment will be sent to you as check (or paypal if you have a account), in USD dollars, whenever you owned 20USD or more.

To send us me message, you can use this form.

Reseller program

If you are running a website or a book/CD/DVD store, you can earn more by becoming one of our resellers (agents). 

  • Auto-enrolled reseller 
    You can always buy our products and sell them in any price you think suitable and get your own profit. No authorization, no qualification. You just transfer the ownership of the products you purchased to 3rd party and we will provide technical support to the 3rd party. By accumulating purchases, you can get some discounts eventually.

Qualified reseller program

To apply, please contact us using this form.


  • better discount rate, applicable to the initial stocking/qualifying purchase.
  • re-stocking policy
  • price-protecting policy


  • A qualifying purchase of 500.00USD or more is required before we consider you reseller application. You can accumulate this amount by multiple orders. (Once you are qualified, the starting discount rate will be applied to those purchase and you will get refund for the discount)
  • You must be an established business with an existing operation selling books/software/CD/DVDs or related items
  • You must be able to make payment in US dollars
  • You are always qualified for the single product discount rate. (see below)

Discount rate 

(for qualified resellers/agents only)

Starting discount rate: 15% for accumulated purchase under 500.00USD

Accumulating discount rate:

Accumulated purchase amount

 discount rate

500.00 - 2,000USD








50,000.01 or more

 37.50% + 

Single product discount rate: (Auto-qualification * see below)

For any single product, if you purchase 2 copies or more in one single order, you can get following discount rate:

Copies purchased in one order discount rate
2-4 copies


5-19 copies


20-49 copies


50-99 copies


100 or more copies 

47.5% + 

* all copies must be of same titles in same language, same version. (copies in same title but with and without raw data can be treated as same product). different language versions /editions of a certain product are usually treated as different products. All copies must be ordered and paid in a whole. Old purchases are not accumulated.

* No qualification required for single product discount over 5 copies.

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