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Present your databases via Infot Network is the network to present your databases to the world.  No extra investment. No technical hassle. 

If you already have a business database product in one of following categories,

  • regional/national phone book
  • business list 
  • business registry
  • member list
  • marketing database
  • mail list
  • opt-in email list
  • residential mail list

you may have a better opportunity to present your list to the world. It's not only about making profits from your works, it's also about introducing your members to all over the world for better business opportunities.


  • Infot have an established network severing many small & middle sized publishers such as chamber of commerce, business promoting networks and provide those publishers an int'l network with no extra investment at all. 
  • Infot also representing several products from multinational heavy players in the publishing industry. Infot provide them a network to serve those end-users without bring any harm to their existing playground. 
  • If you don't have the technology to compile, format, protect your database for int'l distribution, Infot will do all those jobs for you free. Infot also act as your technical support team providing after-sale service to your customers.

To distribute your database via Infot network, please submit us a profile of your product using the form below. 

Before you submit your product profile, please check the following list for a basic guideline:

  1. You must be a legally registered business
  2. You own copyright, database right of the database (list) and able to provide essential proof when required.
  3. Your database (list) is for business propose. No personal-oriented products accepted currently. 
  4. We currently won't represent/resell printed books, magazines or any other printed materials with unit weight over 10 ounces.
  5. You can ship your products to United States and accept payment from United States in US dollars. 

Database products submit form

About the product

Product Name/title:

Areas/regions covered by the product (e.g. a city or a country):

Format of the product:
Books CD/DVD disc Raw database Text or not formatted yet
Nature of the product: 
Business directory / yellow page 
Member list
Mailing list
Email List (we accept opt-in email list only)
Residential directory/ White pages 
Product list

About the cooperation with Infot

Which kind of presentation you need from our network?
Resell it in original format (you'll provide the support service)
Reformat it into Infot database format and sell it under Infot's name. (Infot will provide the support service) 
 (* Infot may or may not disclose you as the provider/publisher, depends on your choice)

Which kind of resell program you want to take part in?
Commission-based. Infot sells your product at your price and own a commission from 15-35% for each copy sold. If so, please provide the 
    estimated price in US dollar   and 
    commission rate you can offer: %
Buy-out option. Infot pays you a fixed annual fee for the right to reformat/sell the product, if so, please provide the 
    estimated annual fee in US dollar
Reverse-commission. Infot sells the product as our price and pay you a fixed share for each copy sold. if so, please provide your expectation:
    expected share in US dollar for each copy sold, and
    expected minimum total share in US dollar each year

Your ownership of this product:
Publisher and owner 
Author and copyright owner
Authorized dealer (wholesaler or reseller)
Other, please specify: 

How we contact you?

Your Name: 

Your job position/title:

Your business/company:

Your email address:

Retype your email or provide another one:

Your country:

Your address:

Your city:

Your phone number:

Your fax number (in case the email doesn't work):

Any further comments?

* fields in bold are required. This form doesn't check or verify your information so please check it carefully before submit it to us. Without sufficient information, we won't be able to review the possible cooperation. 

* price, rate, expected share are all estimated only and subjected to further negotiations. If you are not sure of the value of any such fields, please leave it blank (by removing the default value).

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