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Infot Online Store Guide

How can I get the CD-ROM?

To get the CD-ROM, you need place an order and make the payment.

We accept payment with credit cards, bank wire, check/draft, money transfer like MoneyGram and Western Union, and even paypal.

We deliver almost all countries in the world and offer several shippings options start from the free air mail to overnight rush delivery. For details about the shipping, click here.

How do I make an order

Just click to  add the product to your cart and then click to check out, you are to prompted to

1) provide shipping address

2) Select one from the shipping options

3) Select one from the payment options

4) If you choose to pay by credit card, you are to be transferred to our Secure payment gateway (powered by LinkPointCentral) to authorize your card,otherwise, we will provide you the detailed instructions of the payment method you picked.

5) We will receive your order while you are making the payment. Your order will be hold for the payment notification. If the secure payment gateway process your card successfully, we will be noticed and to process your order soon. Otherwise, we will hold the order until further payment confirmation received.

6) We process your order and ship out the cd-roms to you. If you pay by credit card, your card will be charged for the amount you authorized. In case your order is dropped or rejected for any reason, your card will not be charged at all. If you make the payment by other means, we are oblidged to process your order and send you the cd-rom, otherwise, your payment will be refund 100 percent.

Terms & Conditions

We accept payment advance only. If you are working for a well-known US corporation and require a rush delivery before payment, please contact us.


Your invoice is ready as soon as your order is processed, even before the payment received. Some countries or companies require an invoice before any payment can be remit and you can print the invoice online from our order tracking system at

The payment will be reflected on your invoice.

If a hard copy of invoice is required, you can contact us requesting a mailed printed copy or a faxed copy.

Return & Refund

Databases products are not subject to be returned for refund, due to its nature, except:

1) Duplicated orders can be returned for 100% refund.

2) Undelivered orders will be 100% refund

3) Authroized agents can return unsold products for up to 55% refund.

4) Authorized agents can return unsold products distinued for 100% refund.

In any case, shipping charge for shipped order is not refundable.

Missing or damaged products will be replaced at our cost. However, please allow a certain days before we can send you the other copy. For a complete version of our shopping terms and policies, please click here.

Other questions?

Please contact us using the contact form where you can also find our phone numbers, office locations.

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