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Global Business Directory

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Global Business Directory

Product Code: GBD

Excellent resource for you international campaigns, especially English-speaking regions.

This product covers many business from all over the world but mainly the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other English speaking regions. It's NOT the combination of other country-specified databases and you need select the specify country-based database if you want all business lists from them.

The business listed in this product are not necessarily "registered companies" and part of them may be providing products or services (such as adult products & services, weapon, gambling service, and etc) that might be illage in your area.


  • Find more suppliers, manufacturers;
  • Find more buyers
  • Research
  • B2B platform database (special license required)

Good for e-marketing or marketing research.

This database is website-based and all it's contents were compiled based on the website of each record. We verify the websites only and some of them may still void since the product released. Email addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers are for reference only. Physical addresses, zip codes or contact names are not included for many records. This product may not be good for marketing campaigns based on telephone, fax or mail because there is no sufficient physical address included!

What can I do with this CD?

- Comprehensive French business list for all major industries
- Contact those businesses by email at your convenience.
- Study those businesses deeply from their websites.
- Expand your business directory or database with thousands of French business names in minutes. (special license may be required)

Download Size
about 50MB

Infot Distributed Business Directory (tbb)
Raw data in MS Access 2000 or later (mdb) is available for extra fee

Release Note

The complete-install needs about 400MB hard disk space.

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